Prajwal Panchmahalkar

Prajwal Panchmahalkar is a Technical Director, Red Team at VMware Inc., He has contributed to public security research and has been the Development Lead for Matriux since 2009. In the past he was a Research Assistant at Texas Tech University working on Security of Critical Infrastructure and Smart Grid Energy Systems, with a journal published on Elsevier. A Finalist for America's Information Security Leadership Award 2012 (AISLA) by (ISC)2. Previously Prajwal was a speaker at BlackHat Arsenal, c0c0n, BSidesLV and GrrCon. Currently on review board for c0c0n, India. He was a chapter lead for n|u, Hyderabad an open security community. Prajwal holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Texas Tech University, Lubbock.