Patrice Coles

Patrice Coles works for a large service provider with multiple products lines where she manages compliance and customer vendor due diligence response. Her areas of expertise include building and growing compliance and vendor response programs from scratch for startups, service providers, and Fortune 50 companies. Her master's degree in Information Assurance, coupled with a 15-year history of consulting, building and implementing IT audit and controls programs, performing QSA and regulatory audits, and working for multiple service providers, affords her the experience to design and implement real-world solutions to today's compliance, regulatory, and vendor management needs. Patrice holds CISA, CRISC, and GSNA certifications, has authored articles for Pen Test Magazine, and is working on a curriculum to address the gaps in IT audit and controls education. She is currently leading an effort to implement a vendor response program to increase diligence availability to sales and support staff, reduce customer and prospect diligence turnaround time, and create self-service mechanisms where possible.