Pablo González

Pablo Gonzalez works at Telefónica in Spain. He is an informatics engineer and has a post-graduate degree in informatics security. He has been speaker in Black Hat Europe 2017, 8dot8 2014 y 2015, Rooted CON, among others. MVP in Microsoft 2017-2018. Author of several books in cybersecurity: Metasploit para Pentesters, Ethical Hacking, Pentesting con Kali, Hacking con Metasploit, Got Root, Pentesting con Powershell de la editorial 0xword. Passionate for disclosure and cybersecurity. He is co-founder a¿in Flu-Project and founder of the HackersClub. He has been working for more than 10 years in cybersecurity. He is professor of varied master-degrees in cybersecurity in different Universities (UEM, UNIR, UOC, URJC).