Nate Warfield

Nate Warfield is a Senior Security Program Manager for the Microsoft Security Response Center. He spent nearly 20 years designing, building and troubleshooting enterprise & carrier-grade networks for Fortune 500 companies while simultaneously moonlighting as a Grey Hat. He learned BASIC at 8 years old, hacked his first BBS over 2400 baud dialup at 13 and has dabbled with everything from reverse engineering and network exploitation to breaking Magstripe/RFID/NFC and bricking Bluetooth devices. In his current role he manages security reports for vulnerabilities which affect Azure Cloud, Hyper-V and Windows server products. He devotes his spare cycles to hunting hacked virtual machines in Azure, adding functionality to OSINT tools like Shodan and teaching others how to Hunt Threats Like A Boss. When he’s not working, Nate enjoys snowboarding, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, attempting to be a Michelin starred chef and spending time with his family. Twitter:\_effect