Chris Grayson (OSCE) is a security engineer at Snap, Inc. and the principal engineer at Web Sight. In these roles he conducts penetration tests, designs and implements distributed systems, and addresses security issues at scale. Chris is an avid computing enthusiast originally hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Having made a habit of pulling things apart in childhood, Chris has found his professional home in information security. Prior to joining Snap, Inc. Chris was a founder at Web Sight, a senior penetration tester at Bishop Fox, and a research scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology. During his tenure at these organizations Chris grew into both a breaker and a builder, becoming adept at compromising all manners of systems as well as designing and implementing mechanisms to protect them. Chris has spoken at numerous security conferences such as DEFCON, ToorCon, and HushCon, and attended the Georgia Institute of Technology where he received a bachelor's degree in computational media, a master's degree in computer science, and where he organized and lead the Grey H@t student hacking organization.