Kelley Misata, PhD

Dr. Kelley Misata, is a strategic leader and speaker who combines over 15 years in business leadership roles with a passion for facilitating critical conversations around responsible digital citizenship, digital safety, privacy, and freedom of speech online. Today, she is expanding her groundbreaking dissertation research in the information of non-profits workings with victims of violence into a new nonprofit venture, Sightline Security. Her current role as the Executive Director of The Open Information Security Foundation and past role as Communications Director at The Tor Project allows Kelley to spotlight her expertise in fundraising, advocacy, policy discussions, marketing, training, and outreach activities with an array of stakeholders. Kelley combines professional and research endeavors with a unique perspective as a survivor of cyberstalking. She continually draws on current trends and conversations in information security and privacy to create strategies that intersect people, process, and technology. Bringing to the table a fearless and unique perspective on privacy and security drives Kelley's successes in her professional and academic endeavors. Kelley holds a Ph.D. in Information Security from Purdue University specializing in the information security of organizations working with victims of violence, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Marketing, and Bachelor of Science in Marketing.