Johnny Deutsch

Johnny Deutsch is a Senior Manager in the Advanced Security Center part of the Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP. This cutting-edge security team is dedicated to implementing advance defense techniques to counter today's growing forces in the global cyber arena for EY's clients. In his experience, Johnny has delivered the following services: • Cyber Threat Intelligence Services - providing in-depth insights on the latest threats in the world of cyber crime. • Cyber Simulation Testing - manage and performed cyber penetration tests aimed at simulating real world scenarios of cyber attacks, combined of a wide range of operational needs in various domains, such as: application security, infrastructure and embedded devices. • Cyber Risk Assessment - survey and asses the validity of cyber security risks within complex environments, such as critical infrastructure or high availability oriented environments. • Cyber Strategy Planning - work with the organization to characterize and prepare for relevant threat from the cyber arena. Johnny Deutsch's experience is coming from the intelligence community, in which Johnny has performed numerous cyber security roles, over an extend time period. Johnny was a speaker in several international cyber security conferences, such as: Troopers, DeepINTEL, Toorcon, GrrCon. Prior to Johnny's employment at EY, he was a consultant at the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MoD) and managed large scale projects in the field of cyber security.