Jens Devloo

Jens is a Technology Consultant within the Advisory service line of PwC since September 2014. At PwC, Jens is involved in a wide variety of more technical assignments with a focus on IoT and mobile. In every project, Jens is dedicated to reach the same goal: to help the client reach its objectives using new, emerging technologies (e.g. wireless communication networks, mobile applications, cloud solutions, etc.). Prior to joining PwC, Jens obtained a degree in Civil Engineering with a Master in Information- and Communications Technology at Ghent University and has developed his social and management skills as a group leader at Chiro Lichtervelde. In his spare time, Jens spends a lot of time volunteering. Next to his involvement in a non-profit organisation that raises funds for the local youth movement, he is also a member of the regional department that educates and brings multiple, local Chiro units together. As Jens is fully convinced of the fact that learning to develop and coding has to be a fun, sociable and awesome experience, he regularly organises coding clubs for young people between 5 and 17!