Gordon Platt

Gordon Platt is the Founder and President of Gotham Media. He is an attorney, television producer and was the Executive Producer of the Poliak Center for First Amendment Issues at Columbia Journalism School. Platt launched Gotham Media in 2007 as a conference company with a focus on innovation in media, technology, advertising, finance and law. Since then, he has transformed the company into a full service strategic communications and marketing company. Platt began his career as an investigative journalist after receiving from Dartmouth College, the London School of Economics and Harvard Law School. Over the years he has covered stories ranging from the a secret Iraqi arms network to New York's notorious Latin Kings to a major investigation of a corrupt drug task force in Texas. His work in Texas led in part to the exoneration of dozens of falsely convicted drug dealers. He was for many years a producer at ABC News Nightline where he was the recipient of numerous awards, including an Emmy Award and a Dupont Columbia Silver Baton. Platt left Nightline to launch a documentary production company. At Gotham Media Films he produced films for numerous cable and network channels, including The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Court TV and ESPN, among others. It was at Gotham Media Films that he also began to produce live events. Early clients included the Ford Foundation, The New York State Court of Appeals, and the Association of State Legislatures.