Eric Vyncke

Eric Vyncke is a **Distinguished Engineer** based in the Brussels office of Cisco Systems. His main current technical focus is about security and IPv6. He was previously involved in layer-2 security, VoIP security and large IPsec VPN designs. In his work for the **IETF**, he co-authored RFC 3585, 5514, 7381 and 7404 and is active in V6OPS, 6MAN and OPSEC working groups; he is also the co-chair of the latter. His works are related to IPv6 including co-authoring a book on **IPv6 Security**; he also authored a book on layer-2 security. Eric is the current co-chair of the **Belgian IPv6 Council**. is well-known for several years to collect statistics about IPv6 deployment. He is also a visiting professor for security topics at the University of Mons. He is an adjunct professor at HEC, the business school of University of Li├Ęge, Belgium. He held a CISSP certification, is member of ISSA and speaks frequently at international conferences. As hobby, Eric like gardening, travelling around the world and flying small airplanes.