Diego Provinciani

Diego Provinciani is the best "Hello World" software developer have you ever seen. In addition, he is about to achieve the Computer Engineering degree at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and he has a lot of interest in vulnerability research and exploit/malware analysis. Ha has been working for 3 years at Intel/McAfee as a C++ software developer (error, he isn't working! he is enjoying what he loves doing!). More specifically he es working in an exploit-prevention component that is part of one of the most important security solutions of the company, deployed in millions of Endpoints. He took advantage of his working position at McAfee to be part of the OffSec TEAM. People in this team is rock! They spend time exploring and analyzing in deep the newest computer threats just to get new knowledge and because they really enjoy doing it. Currently, Diego is leading this team and is focused on giving presentations about binary exploitation and evasion techniques. Diego was born in a little town of Cordoba called Oncativo, where he lived his whole life. He loves physical activity and outdoor activities like mountain bike, running, and wakeboard.