Dan Petro / AltF4

Dan Petro is a Senior Security Associate at Bishop Fox, a consulting firm providing cybersecurity services to the Fortune 500, global financial institutions, and high-tech startups. In this role, he focuses on application penetration testing and network penetration testing. Dan likes to hear himself talk, often resulting in conference presentations including several consecutive talks at Black Hat USA and DEF CON in addition to appearances at HOPE, BSides, and ToorCon. He is widely known for the tools he creates: the Rickmote Controller (a Chromecast-hacking device), Untwister (a tool used for breaking pseudorandom number generators) and SmashBot (a merciless Smash Bros noob-pwning machine). He also organizes Root the Box, a capture the flag security competition. Dan holds has a Master of Science in Computer Science from Arizona State University and still doesn't regret it. @BishopFox @2600altf4