Casey Ellis

Casey is the Chairman, Founder and CTO of Bugcrowd, and has been inventing stuff and generally getting technology to do things it isn't supposed to since childhood. He's been in the industry for 20 years, working with clients ranging from startups to government to multinationals, and awkwardly straddles the fence of the technical and business sides of information security. Casey pioneered the Crowdsourced Security as a Service model, launching the first bug bounty programs on the Bugcrowd platform in 2012, co-founded the vulnerability disclosure standardization project in 2014, and has presented at DEF CON, Black Hat USA, RSAC, Techcrunch DISRUPT, Shmoocon, ENISA Incibe, Usenix ENIGMA, AusCERT, and others. A proudly "currently semi-repatriated ex-pat" of Sydney, Australia, Casey normally lives with his wife and two kids in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is happy as long as he's got a problem to solve, an opportunity to develop, a kick-ass group of people to bring along for the ride, and free reign on t-shirt designs.