Carsten Eiram

Carsten Eiram is the Chief Research Officer of Risk Based Security and previously worked 10 years for Secunia, managing the Research team. Carsten has a reverse engineering background and extensive experience in the field of Vulnerability Intelligence, referring to himself as a vulnerability connoisseur. He has deep insights into vulnerabilities, root causes, and trends, and is also an avid vulnerability researcher, having discovered critical vulnerabilities in high-profile products from major vendors including: Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, IBM, Apple, Novell, SAP, Blue Coat, and Trend Micro. Carsten has been interviewed for numerous news articles about software security and has presented at conferences such as FIRST Conference, RSA Conference, DEF CON, RVAsec, as well as keynoting Defcamp 2013. He is also a regular contributor to the "Threat of the Month" column in SC Magazine, a credited contributor for the "CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors" list, and member of the CVE Editorial Board and FIRST VRDX-SIG. Twitter: @CarstenEiram