carFUcar is the greatest car hacker east of the Mississippi, north of the Ohio, West of the Lake Huron's Eastern Boarder with Canada, and south of the Flint River. (Or at least he's in the top 10). Also, he is the founder of the Car Hacking Village and interactive car hacking playground. Car Hacking Camp. Here at the CHV-CHC we want you to bring your car so we/you can hack it. Are goal will be to send commands to the vehicle to enable lights and sounds. When we've done enough vehicles, we will enable a Car Disco. Controlling the vehicle's lighting and audio systems. We have lots of ideas, hopefully one of them works! Please, if you bring a car, especially if it's a rental, please let us hack it. We'll bring some tools work with you to hack your car. Then we'll make a disco out of it.