Arnaud Lebrun

Jonathan-Christofer Demay, PhD is the current penetration testing team leader at AIRBUS Defence and Space. As a former academic researcher, he has been working on IDS bypassing, intrusion detection and general network security. Now a consultant for various key industries and government bodies, he is working on incident response, penetration testing and social engineering. Adam Reziouk is an electronics and automation engineer currently working on wireless communications and industrial network security at AIRBUS Defence and Space. He holds a master's degree in electrical and electronic engineering and has been conducting vulnerability research activities on programmable logic controllers, connected devices and smart grids. Arnaud Lebrun is a command and control engineer currently working at AIRBUS Defence and Space. He is focusing on security issues for several projects in the aerospace industry and related areas such as radioactive waste disposal facilities or large telescopes. He also supports the penetration testing team for perimeters that include ICS infrastructures or embedded electronics.