Andrei Lutas

Andrei Lutas joined Bitdefender in October 2008, as a junior virus researcher; Initial responsibilities included reverse engineering of malicious samples, adding signatures for malicious files, developing disinfection routines and developing code-similarity methods and systems. He joined the R&D team in November 2011, as an Introspection Research Lead, and started developing today's cutting edge Hypervisor Memory Introspection engine. During his work on this project, he was involved in the writing several academic papers, he spoke at several industry-leading conferences such as CERT-RO, USENIX or IDF, he demoed the HVMI solution at events such as Citrix Synergy or VMworld, and he worked at more than 10 patent applications. Currently, Andrei is a PhD student and an associated teacher at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, and he leads the team responsible for the developing of the HVI solution, which grew from 3 people 3 years to ago to almost 20 today. His main interests are everything low-level related, such as reverse-engineering, hypervisor and hardware based security, and security-oriented ISA extensions.