Adriel Desautels

Adriel T. Desautels is Managing Partner and CEO at Netragard, Inc. Netragard specializes in the delivery of realistic threat, protective penetration testing services. Netragard is one of the few BBB accredited Penetration Testing firms which is a testament to its confidence in service quality. If Netragard fails to breach a customer network when using its unrestricted penetration testing methodology then the engagement is delivered free of charge. Adriel is the architect behind most of Netragard's services. Netragard has at its disposal an unparalleled team of exploit developers, penetration testers and technical writers. This team is capable of delivering services that range from vulnerability research and exploit development to advanced penetration testing services. Netragard's clients include but are not limited to major casinos, financial institutions, pharmaceutical corporations, healthcare providers and wholesale distributors. Adriel is well known for his efforts towards building an ethical, legitimate and legal 0-day exploit market. Adriel ran Netragard's 0-day Exploit Acquisition Program (EAP) from 1999 up until the summer of 2015. The Exploit Acquisition Program differentiated its self from other programs by welcoming software vendors to participate as exclusive buyers of their own vulnerabilities. The program was suspended in July of 2015 but may be revived pending a review of its buyer vetting process and government regulations. Adriel continues to define new quality standards for Penetration Testing. He hopes that Netragard's customers will adopt these standards as their own and in doing so will require other Penetration Testing firms to meet the same level of service quality. Adriel is available for speaking engagements upon request.