Campfire Stories - 15 minutes each

Presented at Wild West Hackin' Fest 2018, Oct. 26, 2018, 9 a.m. (360 minutes)

9:20am - **Dakota Nelson & Derek Banks** - You Can Run, But That’s Why You Can’t Hide: Analyzing Fitness App Data 9:40am - **Justin Williams** - PowerShell and Sysmon for Blue Team 10:00am - **Jordan Drysdale & Kent Ickler** - Somewhere Beyond the C....Level 10:20am - **John Grigg **- TradeCraft for N00bs - a refresher for everyone else! 10:40am - **Emily Austin & Michael Haynes** - The Ultimate Feedback Loop: Using data and pentesting to build a better security program 11:00am - **Daniel Lowrie **- Where’s my safe place? Building a lab to learn pen testing. 11:20am - **Mike Saunders** - Web App 101: Getting the lay of the land 11:40am - **Jeff Man** - What Are We Doing Here? 1:00pm - **Ryan Wisniewski **- From 0day to HeroDay - Surviving an Attack and Creating a Security Organization 1:20pm - **Leo Loobeek** - Protect Your Payloads With KeyServer 1:40pm - **Ted Demopoulos** - Infosec Rock Star: How to Accelerate Your Career Because Geek Will Only Get You So Far 2:00pm - **Jordan Axtman** - Network Security and Why We're Bad at It


  • Jeff Man
    Respected Information Security expert, advisor, evangelist, and co-host on Paul’s Security Weekly. Over 35 years of experience working in all aspects of computer, network, and information security, including risk management, vulnerability analysis, compliance assessment, forensic analysis and penetration testing. Previously held security research, management and product development roles with the National Security Agency, the DoD and private-sector enterprises and was part of the first penetration testing “red team” at NSA. For the past twenty years, has been a pen tester, security architect, consultant, QSA, and PCI SME, providing consulting and advisory services to many of the nation’s best known companies.
  • Ryan Wisniewski
    Ryan has helped multiple companies stabilize their infrastructure operations and launch security programs to ensure the systems stay running as expected. He cut his teeth on the mainframe helping write the operating system and hold multiple patents with IBM. He has recently helped his company launch a global enterprise security organization which he now leads.
  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams is an Information Security professional focused on defense strategies with his current organization. During his career, he has worked in systems and server administration, .NET development, database management, and help desk operations. He spends his free time learning about offensive PowerShell attack techniques, reading current malware trends, and has been a member of the OWASP Omaha leadership team since 2015.
  • Mike Saunders - Red Siege
    Mike's love of IT started in the third grade when he discovered he could view the code of BASIC programs on an Apple ][e. He has held many IT and IT security positions, including developer, network and system administrator, security architect and security incident handler. Currently, Mike is a principal consultant with Red Siege. When he is not at work, he is an avid ice fishing and kayak fisherman and member of a local horn rock band.
  • Dakota Nelson - BHIS
    Dakota started attending information security conferences while still in high school, and has been hooked ever since. Trained as a software developer, he is particularly interested in developing novel tooling and automation to make red teams more effective. He enjoys creating and contributing to open source projects and speaking at conferences and events.
  • Daniel Lowrie - ITProTV
    Daniel Lowrie ITProTV Edutainer - Security Daniel worked as a systems and network admin before moving into teaching. He was drawn to ITProTV because he himself is a visual learner and that’s key to ITProTV’s content. He holds certifications in A+, Network+, Linux+, CEH, and MCSA. Connect with him @Daniel\_ITProTV"
  • Leo Loobeek - Protiviti
    Leo Loobeek is a senior consultant with Protiviti performing offensive security operations ranging from textbook penetration tests to stealth and red team operations. With the majority in the offensive security space researching post-exploitation techniques, Leo finds his niche in command-and-control, novel execution techniques, and safeguarding precious new droppers. In the end, he's a n00b and proud of it.
  • Kent Ickler - Black Hills Information Security
    Kent is a business school Masters graduate with a focus on Network Infrastructure Design and Management. He has experience in Higher Education Management, Finance, and SMB. His hobbies include woodworking, frisbee golf, and medieval architecture.
  • John Grigg
    John Grigg has years of diverse experience within the Navy, the Intelligence Community, and in the corporate cyber security world with focuses on building and developing cyber defense systems, SIEM/IDS/IPS engineering, malware analysis, and cyber operations.
  • Jordan Drysdale - Black Hills Information Security
    Jordan is one of Black Hills’ security analysts. He hails from the land of enterprise networking tech support, where stress was high and the challenges were strong. Most days, Jordan enjoys wireless research and malware sample packet data served with coffee.
  • Ted Demopoulos
    Ted Demopoulos’ professional background includes over 30 years of experience in Information Security and Business, including 25 years as an independent consultant. Ted helped start a successful information security company, was the CTO at a "textbook failure" of a software startup, and has advised several other startups. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, conventions, and other business events, author of "Infosec Rock Star: How to Accelerate Your Career Because Geek Will Only Get You So Far" and two other books. Ted conducts Leadership and Information Security Bootcamps for The SANS Institute, and is the principal of Demopoulos Associates, a consulting organization specializing in information security.
  • Derek Banks - Black Hills Information Security
    Derek has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry as a systems administrator for multiple operating system platforms, and monitoring and defending those systems from potential intruders. He has worked in the aerospace, defense, banking, manufacturing, and software development industries. Derek has experience with creating custom host and network based monitoring solutions.
  • Jordan Axtman - FRSecure
    Jordan is a Network Security Analyst for FRSecure who holds a Security+ certification and is an active board member for North Dakota Infragard. He has been blue teaming for 8 years and red teaming for 3 years professionally. In his spare time, he built a home computer security lab where he has 23 VMs and various other devices that he uses to test new methods and keep up with the latest threats and trends. With an informative and humorous undertone, Jordan presents security challenges and solutions to his audience that will make you rethink your approach to security.


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