Last-minute paper: The Beginning of the End(point): Where we are now and where we'll be in five years

Presented at VB2016, Oct. 6, 2016, 4 p.m. (30 minutes)

Endpoint threats have entered a new era, and the security industry has been rushing to catch up. The result is a highly fragmented and confusing market that has doubled in size to over 70 vendors in the last four years. We're in the midst of the second great endpoint security consolidation and will discuss precisely what that means. We'll discuss six progressive stages endpoint security will work through as this market continues to mature over the next five years or so. This is easily one of the most confusing security markets in the industry. Through examples and explanations, the following questions will be addressed and the market made clear. * Understanding the terminology: what are EDR, 'next-gen' anti-virus (NGAV), threat hunting, machine learning and behavioural analytics? * Is any of this really going to do a better job at stopping malware, or is it just more ‘expense in depth'? * How will these new products help prevent or detect breaches? * Will the next generation of endpoint security products complement existing anti-virus and endpoint protection suites or replace them? * Where does the marketing end and the product begin? * How can we put signature-based AV complaints and misinformation to rest? Specific vendors and products will be discussed, including free and open source options. Vendors will not be bashed or endorsed. This session will focus on discussing real-world capabilities, gaps, pros and cons of what these products can do, as well as how they're being used in the enterprise today.


  • Adrian Sanabria - 451 Research
    Adrian Sanabria Equally comfortable performing a pentest, building an InfoSec program, heading up an incident response team, or discussing market trends, Adrian has covered much of the security spectrum. As an industry analyst, he has a particular focus on threat detection/response technologies and cloud security. Adrian is an optimist, always trying to see the big picture; how things fit. His most recent research takes both a deep and high-level look at the core reasons why security defences continue to fail in the majority of organizations. @sawaba


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