Hot or not, the hacker way.

Presented at ToorCon San Diego 16 (2014), Oct. 25, 2014, noon (50 minutes)

Thermal imaging has been a subject that not many people get the opportunity to research, without an exceedingly high number of dollars on the table. This pet project of mine began in 2010 when I asked FLIR for a demo unit to do a series of tests in an effort to see how infrared could be used in the world of information security. Their PR people replied to me saying that they didn’t think a FLIR device could be used to read heat signatures from a computer because they weren’t sensitive enough. This year I got my hands on a FLIR E4, and hacked it to have 4x the resolution. Boy was that PR guy wrong.


  • Dan Tentler / Viss as Viss
    A Co-Founder of Carbon Dynamics, Dan has made a career out of being a professional bad guy. Offensive security, various internet research topics, public speaking and a lot of non-sensical arm-waving on twitter.