Social Engineering - The Poor Mans Guide To Free Drinks - 1 Part Luck, 1 Part Attitude, 1 Part Manipulation, 1 Part Exploiting Human Weakness, Shaken Not Stirred Please.

Presented at ToorCon San Diego 13 (2011), Oct. 9, 2011, 11 a.m. (20 minutes)

This topic is very dear to my heart. This talk will detail proven ways to use social engineering to gain access to the most prestigious events, secure locations, and overall how to survive. I have 5 real world human exploitations situation where I recently used these nasty techniques to penetrate the worlds number 1 hacker conference DEF CON, SANS, EFF, IOactive, and Rapid7 events. Who knows, it just might save your life. These skills can be applied to all situations. Skills you will learn to strengthen you corporate interests, buildings and events are as follows ::: *How to mix Luck, patience, & how to take advantage of any situation to gain the upper hand *How to defend your enterprise from social engineering attacks. *How to thwart identity theft drive by attacks. *How to harden your physical security efforts, and learn from 5 real world examples. *Intelligence gathering techniques, and "walk in like you own the place mentality". *Exploit human weakness without using any technology, Take it back to the old school. I have used social engineering tactics since I was about 9 years old. I was raised in a very poor family, and often times my quick talking escapades were the only ammunition I had to secure me a full stomach. Often times I would make friends and associate with people that had money so I could eat free food at their house. I landed my first job at age 11 at a liquor store where my job was to pick up all the trash, and wipe up all the broken liquor bottles and watering the fruits, and vegetables. I did not work for money, I worked for food. Also when I was a kid I would put on my papa johns shirt, and walk directly into the Chargers stadium and say I was scheduled to work, and I would end up getting free pizza the entire time. I can remember countless times I got pulled over for riding my roller blades in the streets of San Diego, and would always talk my way out of tickets, and jail time.


  • Rick "nanoquetz9l" Flores
    I am a security Engineer II at Bridgepoint Education with a focus on exploit development, incident response, pen testing, & malware analysis. I am passionate about gaining access with Ruby, exploit development, malware analysis, nanotechnology, and securing UNIX/Linux, I am a NanoEngineering major at San Diego city college, transferring to UCSD.


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