Activate Engineer Powers! Creating a Real-Life Creaturepod

Presented at ToorCamp 2016, June 11, 2016, noon (60 minutes)

What happens when your kids have an idea for a project? Help them turn it into reality! In this presentation, Joe details the design, testing, and building of the Creaturepod, a walkie talkie based on the fictional Creaturepod from the popular children's television show, Wild Kratts. The project came to life with an Arduino, LCD, ham radio transceiver, and a host of other components. His kids, aged 3 and 7, were involved in every step along the way and learned that while engineering can be hard (and sometimes boring), creating a project from scratch is exciting and rewarding.


  • Joe Grand / Kingpin as Joe Grand
    Joe Grand (@joegrand) is a hardware hacker, product designer, runner, daddy, and washed-up TV host.