Wireless Drone Strikes Episode II: Attack of the Drones!

Presented at THOTCON 0x6 (2015), May 15, 2015, 5 p.m. (25 minutes)

By popular demand, the drones are back and in force for Episode II: Attack of the Drones! This time with bigger payloads and better "payloads." No longer limited to a cheap phantom with a pineapple, we’re also bringing custom drones built specifically for wifi hacking. So get out your gimbal-mounted directional antennas and get ready! We will present new ideas on hacking wifi from drones in addition to the attacks from last year including the 301 redirect attack (to defeat hsts) and radius attacks. But it’s time to go beyond ordinary wifi attacks with drones and try some fun remote exploits from this past year like shellshock and windshock. And we’ll take the coffee-shop flyover from last year and combine it with state of the art aerial mapping technology to perform wireless surveys of a city. (Turns out these drones can get some serious range!) We’ll talk about how we ended up making these drones around open source hardware and software, securing drone control and communications, as well as easy ways to set up wifi attacks and creating autonomous survey missions.


  • David Jordan
    By day David Jordan works on the brains of flying robots for fun and profit. By night he builds open source tools for filmmakers with the Novacut and Apertus projects. He enjoys hacking on collaborative systems, cameras, embedded systems, and computer vision. When he's not building robots, writing software, or indulging his read/write passion for cinema, David writes "slightly" nerdy books. His current series, ZHackers, follows engineers hacking their way through the zombie apocalypse.
  • Parker Schmitt
    Parker Schmitt is currently working as a penetration tester and is working on some Network/Virtualization Management on the side along with the soon to be released Glassdoor Exfiltration Toolkit. He has made various contributions to Gentoo and the Gentoo-Hardened project (mostly in SELinux) and submitted some ebuilds (including Samba 4). In Gentoo he specializes in hardening layers (SELinux, PaX, GRSecurity), Virtualization, and Networking. He also loves mathematics, mathematical modeling, and is a serious crypto nerd. In the realm of security his interests include wifi attacks from drones, data exfiltration, and Linux hardening. Outside of security he loves flying airplanes and playing the piano.

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