The ABC’s of CTF’s

Presented at Texas Cyber Summit 2019, Oct. 12, 2019, 11:15 a.m. (165 minutes)

The ABC’s of CTF’s will teach the terminology used in InfoSec/Cyber Security CTF’s at a high level. This includes the Type of CTF’s and the tools for basic operations. Goals 1. Talk terminology Technology, and learning, 2. Teach how to capture the flag 3. Capture all the flags!! Forward if you have never done or attended a CTF event before, it is ok, stay calm, dig in, hack, and learn. This is the exact process Hackers, Pentesters and Red Temers use to infiltrate, exploit and egress data or conduct offensive security assessments. If this is your first one EVER try and find a team, or work with experienced CTF’ers. If you can't find this its OK. Sit, dig in, hack, abd learn. It is important to keep that mantra in mind. It is my experience, the InfoSec community is open, and willing to share their knowledge with anyone interested. Social media, and IRL mentors are great ways to connect, learn and find people with similar interests. Always good to learn and teach to keep the flow of knowledge, even if you don’t think what you know has value, i promise you I want to know what you know, come teach me!


  • Joseph Brinkley - VAwoodworking
    The Blind Hacker is an InfoSec enthusiast, Mentor, Coach, Pentester, Hacker and more. He regularly mentors online and though streams and online comminutes. He has frequently volunteers time on workplace development for others and give resume reviews, job advice and coaches people into the roles they want with mock interviews. As a person with a disability or who is differently abled he has never let it slow him down.


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