Firetalk #2: Quick and Dirty Emulation of ARM Firmware

Presented at ShmooCon XIII (2017), Jan. 13, 2017, 8:20 p.m. (20 minutes)

Emulators are useful but mistakenly thought to be too much trouble to write when reverse engineering an embedded system. In this lecture I'll teach you how to painlessly re-link the memory dump of a microcontroller into an ARM/Linux executable that runs through qemu-user. Emulation will finally be easy!


  • Travis Goodspeed
    Travis Goodspeed (@travisgoodspeed) is a neighborly reverse engineer of embedded systems from Southern Appalachia. His MD380Tools project was first announced at last year's Firetalks, and he drives a television news van. You can reach him during the conference by amateur DMR at 441.0 MHz, TS1, TG99. His LLID is 3147-092.