Quantum Computing 01100101

Presented at ShmooCon XI (2015), Unknown date/time (Unknown duration)

We have all probably heard at one point or another that quantum computing would render current encryption standards as we know them obsolete. Intrigued by this assertion, I set about to understand why. This presentation will cover the very basics of classical versus quantum physics to include key concepts in the field, a "not too technical" introduction to quantum computing, and an explanation of quantum key cryptography as well as those trying to hack and secure it.


  • Tess Schrodinger
    Tess is an INFOSEC noob who almost got her undergrad degree in physics. She began her college experience as a physics major but veered off into forensic science, lollygagged in law enforcement for a spell, and then made the transition into "national security". A chance client requirement waterboarded her with Chapter 8 of the NISPOM and she survived to come full circle, marrying her years of security experience with her original passion for science and technology.

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