Unambiguous Encapsulation - Separating Data and Signaling

Presented at ShmooCon X (2014), Unknown date/time (Unknown duration)

Attacks against in band signaling systems have been demonstrated against Zigbee and Ethernet in the past few years. In many ways these are similar to memory corruption attacks as both rely on data being interpreted as meta-data by the target system. We have built tools to generate sets of error correcting codes that can be used to prevent untrusted user supplied data from being interpreted as meta-data by target systems.


  • Michael Ossmann
    Michael Ossmann is a wireless security researcher who makes hardware for hackers. He founded Great Scott Gadgets in an effort to put exciting new tools into the hands of innovative people.
  • Dominic Spill
    Dominic Spill has been building Bluetooth packet sniffers since 2007; he now works on Ubertooth and Daisho among other communications sniffing projects.