Data Whales and Troll Tears: Beat the Odds in InfoSec

Presented at ShmooCon X (2014), Jan. 18, 2014, 2 p.m. (60 minutes)

The rising scale and complexity of IT is creating ever more opportunities for abuse and attack. Many for years have warned we face a losing race if we rely on patch and mend. Others for years have advocated using a threat-based priority system. Is there room to consider a middle path or can we prove with science the existence of a third wave? This data-intensive presentation highlights real-world examples of failure in both camps and then runs for the hills. No, actually, it stays around and gives detail on specific approaches that have worked in reducing overall risk for different-sized organizations. You won't fear Data Whales or fall for Troll Tears when you learn how easy it is to beat the odds in InfoSec.


  • Allison Miller
    Allison Miller (@selenakyle) has over 10 years of experience in designing, building, and deploying real-time threat detection and prevention systems. She hates puns.
  • Davi Ottenheimer
    Davi Ottenheimer (@daviottenheimer) is Senior Director of Trust at EMC, where he is responsible for the Trust story, including RSA, VMware, and Pivotal. He has over 19 years experience in infosec and telling puns.

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