An Open and Affordable USB Man in the Middle Device

Presented at ShmooCon X (2014), Jan. 19, 2014, 10 a.m. (60 minutes)

With the introduction of FaceDancer, there has been a surge of interest in USB security. USBProxy is an open framework for the BeagleBone Black to make it simpler for anyone to monitor, inject or modify data carried over a USB connection. While the FaceDancer will allow devices to be written on a host system, we are able to go further and man-in-the-middle connections to existing devices as well. The BeagleBone Black also enables us to operate at USB 2.0 Hi-Speed.


  • Dominic Spill
    Dominic Spill has been building Bluetooth packet sniffers since 2007; he now works on Ubertooth and Daisho among other communications sniffing projects.

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