Voice Based Software Exploitation

Presented at ShellCon 2020 Virtual, Oct. 10, 2020, 3 p.m. (25 minutes)

The use of voice recognition is becoming prominent and is on the rise in many pieces of software. Yet there are vulnerabilities and shortcomings of algorithms and technologies that allow attackers to perform voice morphing, theft of voice histories, etc., to perform other destructive attacks and influence companies, individuals, politics, legal proceedings, and more. The possibilities are limitless. This talk identifies those vulnerabilities, risks, and preventions.


  • Kim Nguyen
    Kim is working as a Teaching Assistant at CityU School of Technology & Computing and is a full time M.S. Computer Science student and security researcher. Currently Kim focuses on exploit development and mobile application exploitation. She finds her passion in helping people elevate their technical skills and knowledge, especially the ones who come from non-tech expertises, since Kim also transitioned from Business background. As the completion of Kim's M.S. Computer Science is approaching, she aspires to become an enthusiastic red team member after graduation.


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