Cyber Crash Investigations: Seizing the Opportunity to Learn from Past Crises

Presented at BSidesLV 2023, Aug. 9, 2023, 10:30 a.m. (Unknown duration)

In this talk, Julia and David discuss their work in cyber crash investigations, delving into what they've learned about opportunities to avoid incidents, minimize their impact, and respond to them effectively, underlined by real-life case studies. The objective of the talk is not to provide a comprehensive checklist for imperviousness to attacks, but to prompt attendees to enquire about their organization's readiness in less-obvious areas. Just as aviation experts learn from accidents to improve safety, Julia and David hope to provide recent and constructive insights from responding to significant cyber crises.


  • Julia Wighton
    Julia is a Manager in PwC's Cybersecurity & Digital Trust team who has led post-incident reviews into some of Australia's most significant cyber incidents. With a background in law, strategic communications and technology consulting, Julia brings multidisciplinary experience, strong business acumen and a unique skill set which enables her to bridge the gap between the business, people and technology elements of cyber security. She helps clients to identify and capitalise on opportunities to improve capability and build resilience after a cyber incident.
  • David Stocks
    David is a Director in PwC's Cybersecurity & Digital Trust team where he leads Incident Readiness, Response, and Recovery services. He regularly leads cyber crisis exercises with C-suite leaders and boards, as well as senior government leaders. In the last three years, he has assisted organisations respond to or recover from some of Australia's most significant cyber crises, leading cross functional teams of cyber, technology, communications and digital law specialists.


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