Kick up the Jams

Presented at BSidesLV 2017, July 26, 2017, noon (25 minutes)

With the rise of drones, there is a similar rise in anti-drone countermeasures - and, accordingly, counter-anti-drone measures, etc. This talk will cover the basics of how electronic countermeasures are implemented, how extant counter-drone systems work, and the historical countermeasures for those sorts of things.


  • Eric Rand - Systems Mangler - Brown Hat Security
    An amateur blacksmith, an amateur radio operator, and a professional know-it-all, Eric has had a deep appreciation for the lore surrounding the IT world for many years. When he's not digging through obscure fora to find out who thought XCHG EAX:EAX was a good idea for a NOP command, Eric is either forging coathooks or stitching together various systems that were never designed to work together. He lives in the mountains of southern California with his wife and cats.


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