Mobile App Attack

Presented at BSidesLV 2016, Aug. 3, 2016, 2 p.m. (240 minutes)

This full-fledged hands-on training will get the attendees familiar with the various Android as well as iOS application analysis techniques and bypassing the existing security models in both the platforms. The main objective of this training is to provide a proper guide on how the mobile applications can be attacked and provide an overview of how some of the most important security checks for the applications are applied and get an in-depth understanding of these security checks. The training will also include a CTF challenge designed by the trainer in the end where the attendees will use their skills learnt during the workshop to solve this challenge.


  • Sneha Rajguru - Security Consultant - Payatu Technologies   as sneha rajguru
    Sneha works as a Security Consultant with Payatu Technologies Pvt.Ltd. and holds C.E.H and E.C.S.A certifications. Her area of interest lies in Web application and mobile application security and fuzzing. She has discovered various serious application flaws within open source applications such as PDFLite.Jobberbase, Lucidchart and many opensource wordpress plugins and many more. She is also an active member of Null - The open security community in India, and a contributor toregular meetups at the Pune chapter. She has spoken and provided training at GNUnify, FUDCon, Defcamp #6 and Nullcon 2016.


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