An Evolving Era of Botnet Empires

Presented at BSidesLV 2016, Aug. 3, 2016, 5 p.m. (55 minutes)

Botnets are part of the dynamic infrastructure seen in modern large scale cyber attacks, spy networks, spamming, and the distribution of malware; such as ransomware. Join Andrea for an overview of the history of botnets, their evolving characteristics, and botnet detection methods. Listener Takeaways: • An overview of the evolution of botnets, including network communication changes and the change in botnet mechanics • Understand popular uses for botnets, highlighting famous campaigns • Learn about communications that happen between bots and servers after infection • Learn about the type of malware commonly distributed through botnets • A synopsis of the history and takedown attempt of Dridex • Learn about botnet detection methods


  • Andrea Scarfo - Security Analyst - OpenDNS
    I began my career in support and sysadmin work, for 12 years. I was previously with Hewlett Packard and the Town of Danville, California. Security was always my passion. I obtained my CISSP and then began work for OpenDNS as a Security Analyst. Now, I spend my days working to make the Internet a safer place by hunting attackers and malware. @AScarf0


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