FAP Fully Automated Pwning Techniques for Automated Reversing

Presented at BSidesLV 2014, Aug. 5, 2014, 5 p.m. (60 minutes)

Techniques to fully automate finding certain vulnerabilities while reversing have become much easier due to research using XUtools (extended grep and diff). This talk will explore these newly discovered automated techniques for reversing. Join us while we help to demystify certain aspects of reversing while pissing off prima donna reversers. What more can you ask for in an underground talk?


  • Edmond 'bigezy' Rogers
    bigezy Actively involved as an industry participant in many research activities in UIUC's ITI's TCIPG Center, including work on NetAPT (the Network Access Policy Tool) and LZFuzz (Proprietary Protocol Fuzzing). Prior to joining ITI, Bigezy was a security analyst a Fortune 500 investor-owned utility. Bigezy was a security manager and network architect for a transfer agent for 43% of all mutual funds. He began his career by founding of the first regional Internet service providers in the early 90's.