Wireshark: A Beginners Introduction

Presented at SAINTCON 2019, Oct. 23, 2019, 1 p.m. (120 minutes)

Have you heard your friends or colleagues talk about "sniffing" network traffic? Do you want to know if that new "smart"-X device is actually just a way for companies to "steal" more of your private information. Find out what is really happening on your networks with this introduction to Wireshark, one of the most popular tools used in industry for network analysis. No prior knowledge is necessary. We will start with a brief introduction to Wireshark, its capabilities and uses. Next, we will discuss where and how to monitor your network with Wireshark and what factors affect those decisions. At this point we are now ready to start applying capture filters, display filters, and custom colorization rules to highlight the information we are interested in seeing. We will focus on understanding several popular network protocols including ARP, IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, HTTP and others. We will also take a look at recently disclosed vulnerability such as the DNS rebinding attacks targeting Roku, Google Home and other devices. The entire workshop will be very hands on with many different sample captures to work from as we identify both normal and abnormal traffic. We will not be doing any live captures.


  • Kyle Feuz - Weber State Univesity
    Kyle Feuz is an Assistant Professor at Weber State University in the School of Computing. He earned his Ph.D from Washington State University in 2014 and a B.S and M.S in Computer Science from Utah State University in 2010 and 2011, respectively. He is currently serving as the Program Coordinator for the Network Management Technology program. Kyle has been working with Wireshark for many years. He was the original author of the Kismet Drone/Server Protocol (KSDP) dissector for Wireshark and teaches a 4-credit hour semester course on Wireshark and protocol analysis. Kyle has presented trainings on Wireshark at Saintcon for the past three years. Each year the presentation gets better and more focused on the needs of the Saintcon community.


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