How GDPR nearly made me miss the birth of my daughter & why I'm worried CCPA will make me miss her birthday

Presented at SAINTCON 2019, Oct. 22, 2019, 2:30 p.m. (60 minutes)

Much has been said about GDPR in the past two years & I am sure much will be said about CCPA in the coming two years. Wide reaching international implementations to solving both issues have led me across the globe, on one assignment meaning getting home only 12 hours before my wife went in to labour with our second child! I will talk about the truth & reality of a changing privacy landscape (hidden beneath the legal terminology and complex regulations) and, inside a series of hopefully humorous anecdotes about my professional & family life, give some concrete advice on what to believe, what do act on & what to actually do!


  • Jake Bernardes - NCC Group
    I am a husband, a father of two and a Brit. Working in information security roles at IBM, KPMG and NCC Group has taken me all over the world to help clients solve complex problems and transform their businesses. My experience is diverse including risk, GDPR/Privacy, VRM, maturity assessment etc, however I now have a focus on vCISO and transformation engagements leading businesses to the desired goals.


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