Code Signing: A Security Control That Isn’t Secured

Presented at RVAsec 2019, May 23, 2019, 2 p.m. (50 minutes)

As a security professional, how involved are you with your organization's code signing activities and processes? Learn how you can create a secure enterprise code-signing infrastructure that will scale and adapt as networks continue to evolve and grow.


  • Eddie Glenn - Venafi
    Eddie Glenn is a senior manager at Venafi and is responsible for Venafi’s solutions that address the security risks for code signing and DevOps infrastructure. Eddie has more than 30 years of experience in software development, DevOps, and security at companies such as IBM, Rational, and Wind River where he held a variety of senior level positions in product management and product marketing. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in computer and electrical engineering and an MBA.


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