CISO of 2025

Presented at RVAsec 2019, May 23, 2019, 3 p.m. (50 minutes)

So much of the news related to CISOs today is negative. The reasons are clear because the challenges are enormous. Many CISO’s believe they are not given a fair chance – essentially obstructed from doing their job. Often there can be poor trust with the board, primarily due to not having a pragmatic, cost effective plan, to solve board level problems. CISOs have failed largely in this regard as their security plans have been tactical and not delivering on strategic goals. The common argument is executives just don’t ‘get it’, but most do, and they realize that security doesn’t provide great value with historic or conventional approaches. They might say the business only wants check-box security, but executives understand that to a great degree that is the only material benefit offered by security – so may as well get it at best cost. This talk will explore where and why things have happened the way they have, and how to move towards a definition for the CISO of 2025.


  • Dan Holden - Pharos Security
    Dan Holden is CEO of Pharos Security measures, aligns, and guides optimization of the ROI and level of protection of a security program and translates the security program into business level terminology. Mr. Holden has 25 years in information security having served as CTO of the Retail and Hospitality ISAC, and Chief Technology Strategist at Arbor Networks. His experience includes building multiple teams from scratch as well as having brought multiple products to market while at IBM, TippingPoint, and Arbor Networks. Throughout his career he has a broad range of experience across multiple business functions including engineering, product management, sales, and marketing.


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