Ethical Considerations of Intelligence and Information Security

Presented at REcon 2010, July 9, 2010, 10 a.m. (60 minutes)

An incisive illumination of how the transformational engines of information technologies alter our religious structures, spiritual frameworks, and points of ethical reference even as we try to apply them to the new humanity, i.e. individuals and organizational structures all the way to the top of geo-political realities who are morphing as a result of their symbiotic relationship with those technologies. Not only what we see is changing but the lenses through which we see are changing too, because the eyes that see through them are also changing ... Thieme addressed these issues first at a forum convened by Bill Moyers on religion and technology in New York and at the ARIL symposium on the same subject at MIT, many years ago.


  • Richard Thieme / neuralcowboy as Richard Thieme
    Richard Thieme has published hundreds of articles, dozens of short stories, two books with more coming, and given several thousand speeches. He speaks professionally about the challenges posed by new technologies and the future, how to redesign ourselves to meet these challenges, and creativity in response to radical change. Many recent speeches have addressed security and intelligence issues for professionals around the world. He has keynoted conferences in Sydney and Brisbane, Wellington and Auckland, Dublin and Berlin, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Israel and the USA. Clients range from GE, Medtronic, and Microsoft to Neohapsis, Network Flight Recorder, and Synapse/Center for the Advancement of Intelligent Systems to the FBI, the US Dept of the Treasury. and the US Secret Service. He has spoken for the US Army Information Technology Agency, guest lectured for a graduate seminar at Purdue's CERIAS, and spoken for the Technology, Literacy and Culture Distinguished Speakers Series of the University of Texas. Recent speeches address identity shift in light of transforming technologies, biohacking, and "UFOlogy 101," a look at the residual data after disinformation, misinformation, and sludge are removed from that domain.