Client-side security with the Security Header Injection Module (SHIM)

Presented at AppSec USA 2014, Sept. 18, 2014, 3 p.m. (45 minutes)

Client-side security headers are useful countermeasures for Man-In-The-Middle, Clickjacking, XSS, MIME-Type sniffing, and Data Caching vulnerabilities. In this talk, we will review several security headers (e.g. Strict-Transport-Security, X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection, Content-Security-Policy, and X-Content-Type-Options) and the various options available for each header. We will then demonstrate a new open source Security Header Injection Module (SHIM) for ASP.NET (developed by the presenters) that can be configured to mitigate the vulnerabilities by setting the security headers for any web application. The SHIM tool will be officially released at AppSec USA.


  • Aaron Cure - Senior Security Consultant - Cypress Data Defense, LLC
    Aaron is a senior security consultant at Cypress Data Defense, and an instructor and contributing author for the CDD Introduction to Internet Security in .NET course. After ten years in the U.S. Army as a Russian Linguist and a Satellite Repair Technician, he worked as a database administrator and programmer on the Iridium project, with subsequent positions as a telecommunications consultant, senior programmer, and security consultant. Other experience includes developing security tools, secure code review, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, risk assessment, static source code analysis, and security research. Aaron holds the GIAC GSSP-.NET, GWAPT, GMOB, and CISSP certifications and is located in Arvada, CO.
  • Eric Johnson - Senior Security Consultant - Cypress Data Defense, LLC
    Eric Johnson is a Senior Security Consultant at Cypress Data Defense and the Application Security Curriculum Product Manager at SANS. Eric is a Certified SANS Instructor and is a course author for DEV544: Secure Coding in .NET, DEV531: Mobile App Security Essentials, and several Securing The Human Developer security awareness modules. His experience includes web and mobile application penetration testing, secure code review, risk assessment, static source code analysis, security research, and developing security tools. Eric completed a bachelor of science in computer engineering and a master of science in information assurance at Iowa State University, and currently holds the CISSP, GWAPT, GSSP-.NET, and GSSP-Java certifications.


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