Baking in Security

Presented at Notacon 9 (2012), April 14, 2012, 2 p.m. (60 minutes)

At the beginning of 2011 I made a resolution to learn how to cook something new each week for the entire year. Up until that point I had a handful of recipes in my pocket and was boring my family with a constant rotation of very similar dishes. Not to long after starting this journey I realized that cooking and technology have a lot in common. In fact, people in the information security field often talk about how we should "Bake in Security" instead of adding it on at the end. I will talk about what I have learned from cooking and baking all while making some delicious recipes (using some TV magic). You may think it a stretch that the two topics have something in common, but by the end I hope you walk away understanding what "Baking in Security" actually means.


  • Jeff Kirsch / ghostnomad as Jeff "ghostnomad" Kirsch
    After 14 years as both an internal/external auditor, I decided to "see the light" and got into the field of information security. Most of my time in audit was spent reviewing IT systems in both the private and public sector. Being a father of four young children helps me keep things simple, while being married to a School Neuropsychologist helps me understand the way people think and learn. Mixing that all together, I try to bring a different perspective by associating real life events to the challenges in information security at while trying to simplify the complexities of Technology through the simplicity of Haiku at


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