Laser Cutters: Not Only For Use On Your Remaining Eye

Presented at Notacon 8 (2011), April 16, 2011, 1 p.m. (60 minutes)

Laser cutters are handy for crafting and sound like they come from the future even though they're older than your mom. They're also less expensive than you think. A half-hour presentation on buying equipment you don't know how to find or afford, drawing techniques, useful software and hand-tools for rapid prototyping all sorts of models using a 60-watt laser engraver. Talk focuses on sourcing and use of industrial equipment in attaining a high overall finish for craft projects, even if you lack dexterity and have challenges drawing. Several slides will provide unconventional uses of conventional equipment. Half-hour talk followed by fifteen minutes for project discussion and Q/A.


  • Alex Leitch
    Alex holds a B.A.hon in Cultural Studies Critical Theory and Fine Art, and is a co-founder of the Site 3 coLaboratory in Toronto. She is best known for deceptively casual technical drafting and logo design. Alex wanted a laser from the time she was six, and has discovered since acquisition that private use of industrial equipment is the entire point of the future.


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