Keeping secrets for iOS developers

Presented at Notacon 8 (2011), April 15, 2011, 3 p.m. (60 minutes)

iOS applications frequently miss the mark on securing data whether the user's or the application's itself. Are you using SSL for talking to a remote API but embedding the credentials for the service cleartext in your application bundle? Securing user data behind a strong password but storing it in the open on the device's filesystem? Charging for premium content already delivered with your app and expecting code signing to protect it? Did you know data you store in the Caches directory to avoid backups can be browsed using a free tool even without jailbreaking? Learn some tips and gotchas to keeping secrets with the iOS SDK at this session geared for the iOS developer but potentially useful to any mobile developer.


  • Randy Beiter
    iOS developer for 2 years and lifetime geek who has been waiting for the current generation iOS and Android devices since the Newton MessagePad. I enjoy the usual mix of technology, music and photography, know exactly where my towel is and still miss CFN.


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