Is Locksport a Sport?

Presented at Notacon 8 (2011), April 16, 2011, noon (60 minutes)

People learn to pick locks because it is deeply forbidden knowledge, like knowing about sex when you are in elementary school. The outside might read "I am interested in the technical aspects of physical security" but the inside says "I can steal your shit." Who cares if you have the keys to her heart if you can pick your way in, right? The essence of Locksport is that it is a hobby. Is it? Are we training a new generation of thieves? Or are we serving all of the platitudes that we all provide - reducing reliance on security by obscurity and whatnot. Let the Administrative Director of Locksport International give you his feedback, and we will see where we stand.


  • Bill Sempf / Hydruh as Bill Sempf
    In 1992, Bill Sempf was working as a systems administrator for The Ohio State University under Sandy Wambold, and formalized his career-long association with internetworking. While working for one of the first ISPs in Columbus in 1995, he built the second major web-based shopping center, Americash Mall, using Cold Fusion and Oracle. Bill's focus started to turn to security around the turn of the century. Internet driven viruses were becoming the norm by this time, and applications were susceptible to attack like never before. In 2003, Bill wrote the security and Deployment chapters of the often-referenced Professional ASP.NET Web Services for Wrox, and began his career in pen testing and threat modeling with a web services analysis for the Ohio Department of Health. Currently, Bill is working as a security-minded software architect specializing in the Microsoft space. He has recently designed a global architecture for a telecommunications web portal, modeled threats for a global travel provider, and provided identity policy and governance for the State of Ohio. Additionally, he is actively publishing, with the C# 2010 All In One available now, and Programming Data (with Chris Sells) coming out next year.


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