Whose Slide is it Anyway?

Presented at Notacon 10 (2013), April 20, 2013, 8 p.m. (120 minutes)

What's better than giving a talk that you've carefully formulated and rehearsed? Giving one you have no idea about until you hit the stage! Twenty people (including you, if you're brave enough…) will have the chance to take the stage and improvise a five-minute lightning talk based on a short deck of never-before-seen slides. It's guaranteed to be a night of gaffes, laughs, and fun for speakers and spectators alike!


  • Nicolle Neulist / rogueclown as nicolle @rogueclown neulist
    nicolle neulist, otherwise known as rogueclown, once serenaded the mausoleum of William and Ida McKinley while dressed as Skeletor. As a child, she was banned from saying the word "teledu" because it amused her so much that she would not stop laughing. Once, she wrote a poem about a singing gasoline can and some telephone poles. For reasons such as these, she has exceeded her quota of absurdity to bring to the world, so she is looking forward to helping others do their part to contribute to the world's absurdity at Notacon.


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