Murder Mystery - How Vulnerability Intelligence is Poisoning your Information Security Program

Presented at NorthSec 2017, Unknown date/time (Unknown duration)

Integrating vulnerability scanning results into one's security ecosystem involves a serious hidden challenge which results in heinous consequences, thereby killing your InfoSec program. This session shares clues on this challenge, step by step, in the form of a murder mystery game, and ultimately reveals the culprit as well as strategies to overcome it. Come participate, play, and interact! Try to guess "who-dunnit," and learn how to avoid future similar InfoSec crimes.


  • Gordon MacKay
    Gordon MacKay, Software/Systems Guru with a dash of security hacking, serves as CTO for Digital Defense, Inc. He has presented at many conferences including 2016 ISSA International Conference, ISC2 Security Summit 2016, BSides DC 2016, Cyber Texas 2016, BSides Detroit 2016, BSides San Antonio, BSides Austin, BSides DFW, RSA and more, and has been featured by top media outlets such as Fox News, CIO Review, Softpedia and others. He holds a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from McGill University and is a Distinguished Ponemon Institute Fellow.