Creating an Internet of (Private) Things-Some Things for Your Smart Toaster to Think About

Presented at NorthSec 2017, Unknown date/time (Unknown duration)

The next big market push is to have the cool IoT device that's connected to the internet. As we've seen from the Mirai and Switcher hacks, it's important to embed the appropriate safeguards so that devices are not open to attack. When selecting device components there are things that should be checked for, and when you're doing the coding and workflows, there are other things that need to be taken in to account. Although security and privacy are close cousins, they're also different. This talk will be centered around some best security and privacy practices as well as some common errors that should be avoided.


  • Ian Douglas
    Ian Douglas is part of a highly-skilled team of IT Research Analysts at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada with backgrounds in IT security, privacy, data analytics, and research. He assists in investigations when there's a technology component involved, and conducts research in our tech lab. Ian has 30 years of experience in IT, including about 20 years of experience in IT security and about 10 years of experience in digital forensics.


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