Embrace the Bogeyman: Tactical Fear Mongering for Those Who Penetrate

Presented at NolaCon 2017, May 20, 2017, 2 p.m. (Unknown duration)

When it comes to cyber penetration, evolving threat landscapes mandate advanced persistent tac.… ha ha, just kidding. Look, let's be real, as an internal red team things can get really weird. A day job carrying out a company’s most apocalyptic self-destructive fantasies presents a strange duality of helping and hurting. General public and corporate fear of 'hackers' has been both a blessing and a curse. You might say it’s a gray area, but is it really that simple? In this talk i’ll share the ups, downs, and lessons learned during my adventures as the corporate bogeyman.


  • Josh Schwartz / FuzzyNop as FuzzyNop
    Forged in the fire of yoloscoped Red Team operations, these space-wolves learned the hard way. The dark abyss of the modern environment left the old ways obsolete. Suddenly, OSX shells forced them into a new frontier demanding new tools, new tactics, and new blackhat mac hacks. They braved the darkest of alcoves to peel back the shroud surrounding the arcane art of OSXploitation. Cataclysmic corporate fracturing can’t stop the signal and it surely doesn’t break up a full blooded dolphin squad. While heavily obscured, their message is clear. All entrances need a key to open. That key is given ... 🔑 Twitter: @fuzzynop